Transhumanism: What You Need To Know

Transhumanism is essentially concerned with the ideology that humanity is rather incomplete as it is. In the eyes of transhumanism, man can exploit the power of technology to do the extraordinary. Discussed in this article are the potential benefits of transhumanism. Want to know how to live a longer life ? Visit this website now.

Biological Limitations

There is no doubt that the human body is a remarkable wonder of biology. Your body is well equipped when it comes to fighting off diseases, regenerating damaged tissue, and wound healing. Even so, the human body is still limited in terms of handling damage and biological incursions.

You are probably aware of hereditary disorders the human race has to cope with in the 21st century. A good example is Huntington's disease that sucks out a person's humanity through degeneration in a painful and slow manner.

The answer to such a disturbing condition lies in transhumanism. By use of genetic engineering, conditions like Huntington's would be a thing of the past. Immune disorders like AIDS would as well be stamped out through biological augmentation. Such potential would essentially make humans free from biological limitations and this is probably the key to how to live longer.

Improvement of Life Standards

Poverty is undoubtedly a big concern in different corners of the globe. Affordable healthcare is nothing but a far-fetched dream in some nations. Implantation and biological augmentation would help in a great way to improve living standards as people would not have to fork out colossal amounts to get back in fine fettle. What is more, the human body can as well be equipped to wade off any kind of diseases.

A Solution to the Human Condition

You will probably agree that even the opulent and richest places on earth experience greed and violence. Acts of terror, mass shootings and economic disasters are some of the issues we have to grapple with every now and then. Even with the advancement in technology in the 21st century, humanity is still experiencing the lack of rationality when exposed to particular grave situations.

It is through neural augmentation of the human brain that modification of how we perceive the world can undergo positive change. Humanity could leverage on the power and future of technology to wipe out any destructive and negative element in the human nature. Doing so would be the key to realizing a golden humanity age that is free from the destructive aspects that affects the human race.

There is no doubt that humans still face a number of challenges. An improvement in human capabilities would definitely go a long way in making the situation better. The above discussed are justifications on why transhumanism should be embraced. Get yourself a futurist technology book today to learn more. Visit to find out more about transhumanism