Superhuman: Possibility or Just a Foolish Thought?

The term transhumanism might not be common to all people in the world, yet the concept was actually introduced several decades ago. Basically, it is a thinking that human beings can have an evolutionary development that is way beyond its current physical and mental capacity with the use of science and technology. It tackles topics on human imperfections in terms of aging, diseases, various forms of incapacities, even death and the possibility to trick natural way of life through science and technology. In a nutshell, this is a concept of the possibility of becoming superhuman - without any signs of imperfections, potentially a god-like ability.

Now the question is, is this really possible? Can people be like the X-men, Justice League, and other superheroes we have seen in sci-fi movies? Can human beings truly live longer or even forever?

If you try to get hold of transhumanism books or listen to well-known futurist tech speakers , you might find their ideas pretty much convincing. They are usually in hype of the possibility of enhanced human existence in the future. No sickness, no suffering, no pain - all because of science and technology.

If you come to think of it, the belief of the "transhumanist" may have basis and even some of the things they are talking about the future are gradually unfolding. In the past, there was no way to duplicate living creatures. But as science develops, there have been reports that some animals are successfully cloned. Even though those cloned animals did not survive for a long time or reach the mature age, it would not be wrong to conclude that life enhancement in this sense is really possible. Who knows? There might be a lot of successful clones that are not yet out in the open.

In terms of health, there are technologies nowadays that would help sustain life. The artificial pacemaker for example, would help people with certain heart problems to survive. Some effective anti-aging strategies are already out there in the market defying the natural aging process. Check out the top longevity author at this link for more info.

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO's are also product of science and technology and can pose a strong evidence of the possibility the transhumanism concept. There are already crops these days that are genetically enhanced to survive. These plant life are made to improved their resistance against diseases as well as improved their growth for better human consumption.

So, is long and superhuman life possible? Well, this can be found out in generations to come. Although, there have been several cultures and religious beliefs that say that the transhumanism concept is impossible and can be even dangerous, it is undeniable that what futurists are saying has started to be evident in our time today. Check out for more information.